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We know that every business is unique, and so are their purchasing requirements. Our safe and secure HCM platform — whether cloud-based or on-premise — crushes the most complex problems.

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On-Premise. SaaS. Hosted. Delivery Methods Your Way.

PDS gives you three delivery methods to meet your business needs. With the Hosted License and SaaS options, PDS will manage Vista®, your database, operating system, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and hardware at its Class A Data Center. Both are “single tenant” deployments — your individual system configured for your individual use on your database. Access to your system is through a VPN on a 24/7/365 basis with full mirrored site backup and disaster recovery. There is no minimum contract term with Hosted License option and a three year minimum term with the SaaS option.

All three options provide you with three distinct database environments — Training, Test and Production. No other vendor offers what PDS offers in terms of accessibility, personalization and security — your system is deployed through the security of a VPN.

In addition, you may choose to outsource operational functions such as tax filing, and printing of checks, deposit advices, W-2s or T-4s, whichever way Vista is deployed. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA), PDS’ commitment to provide a secure, reliable and accessible solution, is available on request.

Hosted License and SaaS Features to Simplify Your Experience

  • Your HCM/Payroll on your processor
  • You get 3 instances of your database - Training, Test, and Production
  • Your own configurability and personalization
  • Access through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on a 24/7/365 basic
  • Access for remote employees with "Vista Anywhere"
  • Secure branch to branch private access
  • PDS Management of your application, database, operation system, and hardware
  • Class A Data Center - SOC 1 compliant
  • Mirrored Site backup and Disaster Recovery included
  • Up to 10 percent employee growth with no price increase
  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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