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Had a great time and learned so much! So well put together and scheduling was perfect. An awesome venue to meet both PDS and other peer folks. Looking forward to the next conference!"

Jennifer Butler

Mental Health Center of Boulder

UGA Newsletters

The PDS User Group Association Steering Committee has gathered a variety of UGA newsletter articles that may be of interest to you! You'll find examples of customer success stories, and creative tips on utilizing Vista HRMS. Newsletters are a way for the UGA Steering Committee to communicate with you throughout the year, not just once every 18 months at the user conference.

If you have an idea for an article or you'd like to contribute an article for a future issue, please send it to Pat Palmer. We also welcome your feedback on the newsletter! In case you’ve missed a previous newsletter edition, we’ve itemized each of the articles below. Use to search for your topic, (such as "payroll", or "benefits") and access the article by clicking on the link for the corresponding edition.

September 2016 Newsletter
Having EEO Challenges? Adam Bonanni, PDS
Time to Liven Up Your Performance Reviews?, Emily Harris, PDS
Performance Reviews & 9-Box, Marco Padovani, PDS & Pat Palmer, PDS
PDS Offers ACA Services, Kimberly Johnson, Penquis & Charles P. Jefferies, PDS
Are You Balancing QTD Totals? Barbara Cobb, Lee County Clerk of Courts
Sharing the Wealth, Intellectual Wealth That Is, Derek Hime, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Calling All Test Drivers! aka Vista Users Anxious To Get Their Hands on the Latest Features!, Pat Palmer, PDS

June 2016 Newsletter
PDS 2016 UGA Conference Success, by Pat Palmer, PDS
Tracking Student Hours for ACA, by Susan Shaw, Clark Public Utilities
Using the Current Enrollment Wizard for New Hire Enrollment, by Gretchen Schmidt, Nelnet
Vista Time and Attendance Points, by Linda Montroy, Central New York Regional Transportation
Adding Functionality and Extending the New Password Reset, by Leigh Moncher, PDS
Expiring and Upcoming Vista HRMS Platforms, by Leigh Moncher, PDS
Vista HRMS Interface Update Release, Pat Palmer

March 2016 Newsletter
Ten Reasons to Attend the UGA Conference, by Pat Palmer, PDS
Using Vista HRMS to Successfully Deliver 1095-Cs, by TeddiAnne Krehbiel, The IMA Financial Group, Inc.
Using the Current Enrollment Wizard for New Hire Enrollment, by Gretchen Schmidt, Nelnet
Implementing Successful Training Strategies, by Tonia Williams, Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation
Creative Solutions Using Vista Tools, by Susan Shaw, Clark Public Utilities
Vista HRMS Interface Facelift, by Bill Davies, PDS

December 2015 Newsletter
ACA and Vista HRMS Fall Update, by Hope Luken and Yvette Strosser, PDS
Lee County's eRPA is in Production! by Barbara Cobb, Lee County Clerk Of Circuit Court
Creating Eye Catching Emails in Vista HRMS, by Meribeth Carter, Norton Rose Fulbright
Looking Back at 2015, by George Brady, PDS
Protecting your Customizations from VistaFresh Monster, by Derek Hime, AECI
Happy Holidays from PDS

September 2015 Newsletter
EEO Reporting Primer, by Adam Bonanni, PDS
Delivery Options for Year-End ACA 1095-C Forms, Marco Padovani, PDS
Affordable Care Act, the IRS and You, Charles P. Jefferies and Yvette Strosser and Marty Wilson, PDS
Getting Ready for the New Year PDS Style, Denyse Sheppard, Alberta Motor Association
Self-service and the Internet Revisited, Leigh Moncher and Ken Tarone, PDS
Empower Your Employees with Leave Accrual Workflow, Charles P. Jefferies, PDS
Time Entry Tips and Tricks, Ralph Lavaud, Emphasys Software

June 2015 Newsletter
Upgrade Your Vista HRMS Now, by Pat Palmer, TeddiAnne Krehbiel, and Meribeth Carter
Are You Coming to Tampa? by Kimberly Johnson, Penquis
Electronic Transmission of IRS ACA Forms 1094-C and 1095-C by Mike Donovan, PDS
Vista Time Integration by Linda Montroy, Central New York Regional Transportation
Coverage Associations Simplify Benefits Selection! by Gretchen Schmidt, Nelnet, Inc
A Helpful Master View of Employee Data by Tim Adamsky, Wawa Inc.
Are you ready for PDS to host your Vista HRMS? by Dan Price, PDS
Vista HRMS Single Sign-On by Mike Donovan, PDS
Vista HRMS Workflow by Charles P. Jefferies, PDS
Start the Investigation: Issue Detective by Derek Hime, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.

March 2015 Newsletter
Upcoming Vista HRMS Requirements for ACA Reporting, by Marco Padovani, PDS
T4 Time - The PDS Way, Denyse Sheppard, Alberta Motor Association
Year-End - Friend or Foe, Marty Wilson, PDS
Oh Those Blinking Screens, Barbara Cobb, Lee County Clerk Of Circuit Court
Planning for the 2016 UGA Conference, Pat Palmer, PDS
Have you discovered the Issue Detective Yet?, Adam Bonnani, PDS
Upcoming Events, Pat Palmer, PDS

December 2014 Newsletter
Happy Holidays from PDS staff
The ACA Employer Mandate is Just Around the Corner, by Marco Padovani, PDS
Termination Notifications, by Meribeth Carter, Norton Rose Fulbright
Launching the Benefit Statement Report, by TeddiAnne Krehbiel and Marco Padovani, IMA and PDS
W-2c Processing in Vista HRMS, by Hope Luken, PDS
PDS Customer Support Corner, by PDS Customer Support staff
Looking Back on 2014, So Far…., by George Brady, PDS
My Experience at the PDS UGA Conference, by Ralph Lavaud, Emphasys Software

October 2014 Newsletter
Getting the Most Out of the PDS UGA Conference, by Larissa Boydston, CPP, STCU
Paper Timesheets Be Gone! by Kim Jonson, Penquis
Simple Solutions Are Sometimes the Best, by Meribeth Carter, Norton Rose Fulbright
Benefits Enrollment and Vista HRMS, by Marco Padovani, PDS
Table Compare Utility, by Kathleen Fuh, PDS
Upcoming Events at PDS

June 2014 Newsletter
PDS UGA Conference Update, by Pat Palmer
Tools for Capturing Employee and Dependent Birth Dates and SSNs, by Marco Padovani
The Joys of Understanding Health Care Reform Continued, by Carolyn Coneys
Embedding a link for a report within Vista HRMS pages, by Marco Padovani
Separation of Duties, by Corrie Clark
It’s Never Too Early, by Corrie Clark
Recreating Our Electronic Personnel Action Form, by Barbara Cobb
AECI’s Policy/Document Acknowledgment customization, by Derek Hime
PDS Canada Corp. Opens Its New Hosting Operations, by Dan Price
Training Schedule and Registration Now Online, by Charles P. Jefferies

March 2014 Newsletter
The Development of an HR System, by Meribeth Spilger Carter
Automating Employee Reviews, by Kay Medberry & Bryce Foreman
W2 earning details at your fingertips, by TeddiAnne Krehbiel
Merit Process Automation, by Jessica Parde
SaaS & Hosting, by George Brady
Product Development Update, by Bill Davies
Enterprise Server Job Input Prompts, by Marco Padovani
Continuing Education, by Charles P. Jefferies

December 2013 Newsletter
Automating Payroll Batch Header Creation, by TeddiAnne Krehbiel
Canadian Payroll Tip, by Pamela Wolfe
The Joys of Understanding Health Care Reform, by Carolyn Coneys
Leveraging the Power or LinkedIn and Facebook, by Dan Price
Let Your Voice Be Heard, by Michelle Smith
PDS Sales Recap, by The Sales Team

October 2013 Newsletter
Budget for the 2014 PDS UGA Conference, by Pat Palmer
Are You Impacted by Affirmative Action, by Loretta Berardi
Streamlining Processes with External Interfaces, by Derek Hime
Benefit Enrollment Using HIPAA 834, by Marty Wilson and Ryan Williams
Interested in Technical Training, by Charles P. Jefferies
Employee Age and Eligibility, by Marco Padovani

June 2013 Newsletter
Vista HRMS Launch Pages
Timing Is Everything-Vista Time, That Is
Enjoy Your Newfound Power
Calendars for Exception Based Companies
New Recruiting Manual Published
Tips for Better Email Etiquette

March 2013 Newsletter
Preparing For Affordable Healthcare Compliance
UGA Conference update
Keeping your Data in Vista HRMS Clean
Automated Exception Reports
PDS Perspective on Data Integrity
Lock Down Sensitive Data
Cry for Door Prizes

December 2012 Newsletter
Terminated Employee Access
Using Vista HRMS to simplify Onboarding
UGA Conference update
Automating using Crystal
Keys to Knowledge Webinar Update
VistaFresh – Why Did We Wait So Long?
Employee Self-Service via the Internet
Open Enrollment Made Easier
Custom Benefits Valuations Calculations
Control the History That You Track

October 2012 Newsletter
Adding Audio to the Open Enrollment Wizard
Integrating Workflow with New Hire Requisitions
Transform Vista HRMS using User Exits
Product Development Update
PDS Customer Support Corner
Keys to Knowledge Webinar Series
U.S. Year-End Seminar
Canadian Year-End Seminar

June 2012 Newsletter
2013 Conference Location Announced
Take the Time to Tailor
Recruiting Intelligence
Crystal Reports Charts Tips & Tricks
Vista HRMS Maintenance Strategies
Workflow Tips & Tricks
PDS Keys to Knowledge

February 2012 Newsletter
Handling Electronic W2 Delivery Consent
Wawa Vista HRMS Implementation
Considering Vista HRMS Recruiting
New York Wage Verification
Streamline, Oversee, Automate, Remind
Themes Made Simple with New Release
Communicate Using Launch Pages

November 2011 Newsletter
My PDS Conference Experience
U.S. Year-End Seminar announcement and registration
Canadian Year-End Seminar announcement and registration
Vista HRMS Teams
Unleash the Power

August 2011 Newsletter
User Conference Update
Dreams Can Come True: Paperless Personnel Files
Use Vista HRMS to manage Government Contractor Requirements
Crystal News for Vista HRMS
PDS Shines at Recent Industry Tradeshows

May 2011 Newsletter
Total Compensation Statements
Creating Organization Charts
Document Storage: How to Avert a Disaster
Emergency Contacts
Adding Self Service Reports
Monitoring Workflow
Automate Pre-Payroll Backup
Alternative Emergency Contact Process

February 2011 Newsletter
Open Enrollment Audits from Vista HRMS
A Different Kind of History
PDS Product Development Update
Tracking Tuition Reimbursement
Electronic W2 Distribution
Visibility of Future-Eligible Benefit Plans

January 2011 Newsletter
PDS UGA Conference Location Announced
Upcoming PDS Events
-  Vista HRMS 4.1 webinars
-  Vista HRMS Recruiting webinar

November 2010 Newsletter
Congratulations to our new UGA Chairperson
Upcoming PDS Events
-  U.S. Year-End Seminar
-  Canadian Year-End Seminar
-  Vista HRMS Recruiting webinar
-  Vista HRMS 4.1 webinars
The Over/Under on Migration
Go Live on Vista HRMS 4.1
Why Make Small Customizations?
PDS Sales Update
Don’t Let Recovery be a Disaster

July 2010 Newsletter
Dependent Auditing - and why you should find the time!
Creative Use of Vista HRMS Security Groups
It’s Open Enrollment Time!
Using Vista HRMS to Assist with Business Continuity
Integrating Crystal Reports with Vista HRMS
Support Corner

March 2010 Newsletter
UGA Conference Update
What? You’ve Lost Your W2?
Why Backup Before Payroll?
Attaching Reports to Workflow
Helpful Crystal Formulas
Technical Support Corner

November 2009 Newsletter
Upcoming PDS Events
- U.S. Year-End Seminar
- Canadian Year-End Seminar
- Vista HRMS Recruiting webinar
- Vista HRMS 4.1 webinars
R&D Documentation Website Launch
Volunteering in New Orleans
Steering Committee Update
Automating Employee Verifications
Automating Departure Checkout Lists
Cleaning up Emergency Contacts
Dear Support
Dear Technical Support

June 2009 Newsletter
2010 PDS UGA Conference Location Announcement
Vista HRMS Development Update
July Minimum Wage update
So Many Applicants - So Little Time
Going Green
Automating Leave Requests in Workflow
Your New Assistant
Support Corner

February 2009 Newsletter
Vista HRMS Update
Upgrade from Vista 2.4.1
Doing it Cold Turkey
Dream Comes True for IMA Benefits Manager
Preparing for Year-end Success
Attendance Plans with Creative 1st Year Eligibility Rules
Auditing Benefit Tables Setup
Passwords and Scheduled Crystal Reports
Exporting Data to XML Files
Support Corner
Photo Gallery

November 2008 Newsletter
UGA Conference New Attendee Feedback
Vista HRMS® 4.0 and Beyond
Upgrading from Vista 3.2 to Vista HRMS 4.0
Improved Leave Request Workflow
Preparing for Year-end
Phillies Fans Celebrate
Support Corner

August 2008 Newsletter
UGA Conference News
Vista HRMS® News
Upgrading to 4.0
Easiest PDS Upgrade Yet!
Strong Vista Sales Continue!
Tax Deferred Deductions
Support Corner

April 2008 Newsletter
2008 PDS User Group Association Conference Announcement
Implementing Employee Photos in Vista
Automating New Hires
Welcome to new PDS customers!
Retrieving Historical Data
Child Support Trivia
Improving Benefits Performance
Start your Wish List

December 2007 Newsletter
Vista Product Update
Help Documentation
Preparing for Year-end
Validating Social Security Numbers
Vacation Accrual Balance Report
Benefit User Exits
HR Glossary

July 2007 Newsletter
UGA Vignettes, “Memories from Salt Lake City, Utah” Complying with New EEO Changes
Sample EEO e-mail
Oh What a Beautiful View!
Tips on Online Benefit Enrollment
Your "New" PDS reference Library
Payroll Trivia
Enter it Once and Only Once

March 2007 Newsletter
Top Ten Reasons to attend the UGA Conference
Mass Pay Increases
e-Performance Evaluations
Vista Word Search Puzzle
Interesting Ideas for User Exits
Using Stored Procedures to Create Crystal® Reports
Benefits Enrollment Processing for a Select Group

October 2006 Newsletter
Vista 3.2 Upgrade Experience
Deploying the Employee Information Center
Random Sampling
Custom Benefit Premium Calculations
What are User Exits?
What Can You Expect this Year-end?

June 2006 Newsletter
Review of Vista 3.2
Need an Org Chart?
Why be a Member?
Crystal & Vista
Adding New Reports
Forcing Report Output
Report Parameters
Passing Parameters
401(k) Catch-up
New Crystal Reports
Changing Name Display

December 2005 Newsletter
Vista 3.2 in Production
Need IT Support—PDS Hosting
Vista Workflow Preliminaries
Benefit Eligibility Exceptions
Migration Best Practices
Technical Tips
Vista Year-end Reports

March 2005 Newsletter
Thinking about Upgrading?
Are you running Reports from Vista?
Crystal Formula Tips
Enterprise Server and SMTP Email
Full SMTP Email Addresses
Embedded Email Reports