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Conference Brainstorming Results

Thank You for Brainstorming on Vista Ideas!


One of the most tremendous gains from the 34th PDS UGA conference event is the outcome of the PDS UGA Brainstorming process. Many conference attendees rave about the value that they gain during this important networking event. Imagine collaborating with your peers and learning that a feature you’ve been wishing for had been available, but had been secured via Vista Security for so long that no one remembered it! This happens more than you might imagine.


At our 2017 PDS User Group Association conference, representatives from the PDS user community gathered input and provided PDS with their Vista enhancement ideas and product development suggestions. This interactive, problem-solving event took place during two User Conference Brainstorming sessions. Attendees were grouped by application area: HR, Recruiting, Benefits, Payroll, HRIS Administrators, and Technical. Many Canadian clients met as their own team to focus on features that were specifically of interest to them. We also featured a team of attendees that were new to PDS and the Vista product, and offered them the opportunity to see demonstrations of Vista during their time together. Once again, based upon attendee feedback, this event was very helpful to all attendees.


For many, the brainstorming actually started weeks before the conference attendees gathered. Conference brainstorming team leaders communicated with attendees and encouraged them to email enhancement ideas pre-conference so that they could be gathered and shared with other team members. Team leaders used a tool that we developed to allowed them to better manage their team’s brainstorming content, and more easily share submitted content with other team members via simple reporting. This process seemed to enhance the process as the shared lists motivated attendees to add their own suggestions that may have been on their “wish list”.


The first conference brainstorming session took place Wednesday morning. Team leaders reviewed brainstorming content that had already been gathered and attendees added new items from their own list of product suggestions. Individual teams networked with other team members, made up of a variety of users and PDS staff. Once they reviewed each of the product suggestions each team cast their initial votes for their top choices. Another by-product of the brainstorming session is the trouble-shooting that occurs when users are able to share how they have addressed various needs. It is always exciting to hear the ideas that flow through this customer exchange. The second meeting of the brainstorming teams took place on Thursday afternoon. This gave team members the opportunity to learn more about product features in Vista, gain hands-on access to the system in the Vista Solutions Center and the many conference workshops, and collaborate with other users. They were then able to re-cast their votes on their top priorities, or replace their votes with new features that they’d learned of during their conference networking, if they chose. Each team's final top five choices were then submitted. From these top five submissions the PDS Product Development group has now gathered an excellent collection of new feature suggestions. This valuable feedback will help PDS to develop future release strategies based upon what we heard directly from YOU!


The PDS Development team has broken down improvement ideas and where possible folded suggestions into planned projects, and identified possible timelines to include new features. Already we are hard at work evaluating a variety of functionality to meet your requests. Visit the PDS Support site, "PDS UGA" section, to view the Brainstorming details. And watch for future Vista updates where we will highlight enhancement ideas that you asked for, and make them part of the base product.


Your votes made it happen! We really are listening!


What Our Customers Say

“This is the best conference I go to! The ability to network with other Vista users and bring home their ideas is so valuable! And the brainstorming! How many other companies out there ask their clients for feedback and ideas on how to improve their own product? Well done PDS!”

- Kim Johnson, Penquis/MOMCAP

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