Vista's product design and future technology directions are based on the understanding that an effective Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is the central repository for a company’s most critical resource -- their employees. The best HRMS system is the right combination of technology and functionality that allows employees from various departments to do their job better.

What our customers say...

Applying product updates to Vista HRMS is very easy. The PDS maintenance tool is called VistaFresh. You click a button and watch it download relevant updates, while not overwriting any custom changes that we have identified. Now that’s simple!”

Susan Shaw

Clark Public Utilities


Key technology features:
  • Open Architecture allows for use of third-party data management tools
  • Microsoft SQLServer
  • .NET Framework
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
  • Sharepoint integration
  • Component (COM) objects are designed to enhance code re-use and are written in C++ and Visual Basic
  • .ASPX code for server-side processing and JavaScript for client-side processing

One of the key technology principles that allows Vista HRMS to provide a superior level of personalization to meet your individualized business needs is the extensive use of stored procedures to handle business processes. Since these stored procedures include customer-accessible entries and exits, customized system configurations to meet extensive business needs are possible without modifying the base Vista code, allowing for seamless upgrades.

The challenge of an effective HRMS is to provide secure, ready access to information by authorized users while preventing access to unauthorized users. The Vista HRMS architecture provides the needed layers of security to accomplish these needs.  Its security templates allow the system administrator to provide selected information access by individuals according to their authorization.

The use of secured database views allows third party access for functions, like reporting, while preventing unauthorized access.  Database level security is provided through industry standard security approaches where users are granted rights based on their security levels. 

Your HRMS database should be the most up-to-date directory in your network infrastructure and thus the single source for other directories, such as e-mail systems, network logins, and database logins. Vista HRMS can significantly reduce the burden that is placed on IT staff by automating processes in these areas.

For example, the new hire process can automatically create an NT account, an Exchange mailbox, and a User ID centered around a single login so that all new employees can begin to access data and participate in the company information exchange process immediately.