Streamline your recruiting process using the Vista HRMS Recruiting component. Using the infrastructure within the Vista HRMS Human Resource application, recruiters will find it easy to manage their requisitioning process, while leveraging the pre-defined organization structure.

What our customers say...

PDS does a phenomenal job of listening to their customers and keeping current with their needs such as the development of recruiting tools and reporting capabilities, which a few short years ago was handled in large part by paper applications and resumes (outside of Vista HRMS).”

TeddiAnne Krehbiel

The IMA Financial Group, Inc.

Vista HRMS Recruiting

Recruiting features that make your job simpler:
  • Integrated HR & Recruiting platform
  • Manage from “recruit to hire”
  • Requisition – tools to plan, approve, promote, post, recruit, and match
  • Promote opening and lead applicants to your personalized Job Center from your corporate website
  • Job Center gives the applicant the means to record their information, attach documents, search for jobs, apply and learn more about your organization
  • Using criteria that you define (e.g. skills, education, licenses), recruiters can easily categorize applicants in order to rank them
  • Filter applicants using questions that you define
  • Easily communicate with applicants using messaging tools (e.g. welcome, thank you for applying, interview and test invitations)
  • Recruiters can “push” screened candidates to hiring managers along with what they need to prepare for an interview
  • Or you can deploy the Hiring Manager portal - My Openings, My Activity
  • Schedule and track interviews, offers, expenses
  • Simple “click to hire” transfers all applicant and role data into the new hire wizard
  • Automate communication to applicants notifying them a job is filled by using system mail messages
  • Variety of requisition and applicant reports
  • Use industry-standard CSS files to personalize the Recruiting Portal and promote your corporate image to applicants
  • Localize the Career Center into other languages for self-service use
  • Simplified posting of available jobs and job description
  • Mobile interface for applicants visiting your site using a smartphone