Implementing Vista HRMS as your system of record eliminates the need to purchase and integrate stand-alone systems to manage your workforce.

What our customers say...

Problem: Our benefits were set up a long time ago and hadn’t been updated to take advantage of the new features and requirements. Our experienced staff had never been formally trained and the newbies needed to learn the basics.

Solution: PDS Benefits training! The instructor was very thorough and knowledgeable, everyone learned a lot including our experts. We’re making time-saving changes to our setup and processes. It was so successful that we’re scheduling both Payroll and HR training next. Time to get them refreshed and up-to-date, too. We've learned that even though you know Vista HRMS and use it every day for years there’s still a great deal to be gained from PDS training.”

Marcia E. Fenton

Lee County Clerk of Court

Vista HRMS Benefits

Benefit features that make your job simpler:
  • Unlimited plans and coverage levels
  • Automated benefit eligibility based upon your predefined rules
  • Auto-housekeeping of valuations and premiums
  • Automated payroll deduction maintenance
  • Dependent and beneficiary maintenance
  • Tax-deferred matching
  • Pension processing
  • Future enrollment
  • Track leave time and leave accrual
  • Non-discrimination testing
  • Administration of flexible spending accounts
  • Enrollment wizard simplifies your employee elections
  • Open enrollment processing
  • “Hidden paycheck” benefit statement
  • Reporting of employer benefit costs